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Acting like Children. [May. 25th, 2004|09:22 pm]
I just took a GCSE German exam.

That wasn't too bad. But why is there this need to give topics that 'young people' can understand. As I recall, we had a question about this 'young person' complaining that her parents were angry when she didn't tell them what time she would be back. There's a wider problem. Past papers are littered with young people complaining about their parents (which, yes, young people do, but not in the way that is portrayed) or spending all their time on environmental projects, or, as I saw one, encouraging people to spend more time helping old people.

I've two questions:
1) Why is this necessary? We can cope with texts anyway - we don't need to be able to 'identify' with the texts, just to understand them.
2) Even on it's own terms, this fails. We don't 'identify' with them, we deride them. After all, the exams aren't set by 'young people'.

It's actually quite demeaning.